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i just don’t understand?


what really gets to me is the fact that someone who once meant so much to you and you spent so much time with, can just wallk straight past you without even looking at you as if your fucking strangers. Not even acknowledge that your there, like your nothing, absolutely nothing. 

really fucks with my head

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تعلمون، بعيدا من هنا، وراء الحق والباطل، هو حقل (يوم كايامات)، سوف ألتقي بكم هناك …..

You know, far away from here, behind right and wrong, is a field (judgement day), will meet you there.. …..

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moondaughter-deactivated2013112 asked: i didnt block you

option of “ask a question” is not allowing me to ask any thing :’( bye Allah hafiz